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Porcelain Crowns

3d rendering of a porcelain crown Dentures, crowns, and dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth. All three dental devices are designed to be placed or attached over existing teeth in your mouth. When a tooth is missing, it is important to replace it with something that looks great and serves a functional purpose. But how do you know which type of dental device and material works best for you and your needs? Porcelain crowns are one of the best options and are designed to cover an entire surface of a single tooth or several teeth. A crown completely covers your natural tooth and surrounding gums, providing full protection while also ensuring all surfaces of your tooth can be seen properly. If you visit us here at Robert H. Peterson DDS we can help you to understand why you need porcelain crowns and how they help restore your teeth.

What Are the Advantages of Using Porcelain Crowns?

The biggest advantage of getting porcelain crowns is that they are strong and durable. But their durability is mainly determined by how well you take care of them. If you clean your teeth daily, porcelain crowns can last several years and will not cause any oral issues. Even though porcelain crowns may be a bit more costly upfront, they are very worth it since they will save you money in the long run and they will minimize the number of dental visits you need.

The Porcelain Crown Procedure

The first step to getting a porcelain crown is to get your teeth cleaned by the dentist. This is important because it allows our dentist and dental hygienist to see if there are any problems with your teeth that can affect their ability to accept a crown. We will also take x-rays of your mouth, and these will be sent to a lab that makes dental crowns. The lab will then mold a cap that will fit on top of your existing tooth. We will first have give you a temporary cap to protect your teeth while waiting for your permanent dental crown. On your final visit, you will receive your porcelain crown.

How Long Does It Take To Get Porcelain Crowns?

The porcelain crown process can take anywhere from one to three visits. At your first visit, we will take an impression of your teeth to make a mold in a dental lab. That takes about two weeks. Once you return to our office, we will place that mold on your tooth and work with you to ensure it is perfectly positioned. This is typically done at two separate appointments over two weeks so that you are not in pain or distracted during normal daily activities. Finally, we will send it off for hardening to complete your custom crown, which usually takes about another week. After everything is complete, we will cement your porcelain crown in place permanently.

How to Take Care of Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain crowns are naturally hard, but this does not mean that they will not need replacing. If you do not take proper care of them, they will need to be replaced after just one or two years. Ideally, porcelain crowns can last five to 15 years. Therefore, it is essential to speak with our dentist and dental team to find out which products to use and how to best maintain your new porcelain crowns. For more information about porcelain crowns visit our Robert H. Peterson DDS office or give us a call us at 503-635-3438.
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